Figuring Out Me
Coast Meridian Elementary
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Roslyn Sundset
B.C. P.E/Health Curriculum - Grade 6
Describe and assess strategies for responding to discrimination, stereotyping, and bullying.
Influences on individual identity, including sexuality and sexual identity.

Beauty is Skin Deep | TeachBC
Files: Beauty is Skin Deep

Thinking about the media and the "attractiveness messages" that people are bombarded with constantly. Students will find advertisements and then count "attractiveness messages" while learning why these techniques are being used.
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Gender Self-Portrait | TeachBC
Files: Gender Self-Portrait

Students take an Legal sized piece of paper and fold it so that two front flaps of equal size cover the middle of the sheet. They will be making 2 collages. The one on the two front flaps will represent what gender expectations they have experienced while the inside represents who they really are.
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